Lookout Tower – Royal Chapel

Unguided tour

Welcome to the eastern representative wing of the castle!

Lookout Tower – Prismatic Tower – Royal Chapel

As is often the case with historical monuments, the ravages of time have taken their toll on the castle over the years, so it was decided to completely restore the monument. In the 1990s, the renovation project culminated in the restoration and completion of these premises to give them their former splendour and solemnity.

One more interesting fact. In 1999, during the restoration, a time capsule with a message for future generations was inserted into the corner tower’s tower ball…

Lookout Tower

You can´t go any higher in Brno! Bring your cameras!

The climb itself up the Špilberk lookout tower is an experience. From the small courtyard you climb up a stone staircase, followed by a beautiful wooden spiral staircase, then you take a breather in the attic space above the brick vault and finish the climb with another spiral staircase. Once you have climbed all 103 steps, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful view of the whole of Brno. The historic city centre with all its landmarks is at your fingertips, the outskirts are a stone’s throw away and if the weather’s good, you can even see the famous silhouette of the Pálava Mountains.

The only lookout tower that offers you a 360° view not only of the whole of Brno.

If you are a good observer, it should be easy for you to spot Villa Tugendhat, located in the villa development in Černá Pole. Like the Špilberk Castle, it belongs to the Brno City Museum.

The Prismatic Tower and the Royal Chapel

In the past, these spaces constituted the representative and defensive part of the medieval Špilberk. Today we can perhaps do without the defensive function, but the representative spaces are still there.

In the Prismatic Tower, you will be impressed by the high ceilings with wooden roof trusses or by the tiled floor with the emblems of the countries ruled by the alleged founder of the castle, Ottokar II. The large wooden eagle from the 18th century, which is the emblem of Moravia, is another dominant feature of the space.

The adjacent Royal Chapel with stunning colourful stained glass windows is undoubtedly also worth a visit. If you come in the morning while it’s sunny outside, you will see how the sun’s rays shine through the translucent and colourful stained glass to create an amazing play of colours.

Currently the premises are used for exhibition purposes by the Brno City Museum, but also for weddings and rentals, and most recently you can take a guided tour here as part of the Story of the Castle tour.