Špilberk, Brno

The map shows surroundings of Špilberk castle and access roads leading to the castle. Špilberk is standing on a hill interlaced with dense network of comfortable paths. If you take any of the paths up to the hill, you will soon reach the castle.

  • The shortest footpath leading up to the castle is from Husova Street (accessible from two places) and is indicated with dark red signposts and white lining along the path. The footpath splits into two parts behind the main gate. If you turn to the left climbing a covered staircase you will get to the castle precincts. If you turn to the right you will come to the entrance to casemates.
  • The access road for cars leads from Úvoz Street through Gorazdova Street up to the castle. The plan is marked with blue arrows. Vehicles (up to 6.5 tons) can only drive in the house with a permit.
    For more information contact Ing. Ivo Macháň, tel.: +420 542 126 667.

Brno City Museum
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Špilberk 210/1, 662 24 Brno


GPS: 49°11’38.69„N,16°36’0.17“E