For New Brno

The exposition of Brno architecture in the period between 1919 and 1939 is the first and only display of such a type in the Czech Republic. Through the displayed original photos, written documents, printed matters, correspondence, architectonic studies, competitive designs, implementation projects and plans, often not yet published, visitors can learn about one of the most distinguished epochs in the architectonic and urbanistic development of Brno. A fast transformation of a provincial town into a metropolis of the international fame that took place in this period and that had no parallel in the previous history of Brno whatsoever is manifested here not only in the works of exceptional personalities such as B. Fuchs, J. Kumpošt, A Wiesner, etc., but also in the output of less known and sometimes even forgotten architects and master-builders who left their marks on the town appearance as distinctly as, for example, V. Dvořák, A. and V. Kubů, E. Gottlicher, F. Václavek, and others.

Vstupenka platí na Okruh Muzeum, který zahrnuje sedm stálých expozic: Od hradu k pevnosti, Žalář národů, Brno na Špilberku, O nové Brno, Rakouská Morava, Moderna, Od moderny po současnost.