Brno at Spilberk: History of Brno City

Most interesting historical exposition provides its visitors with information on the highlighted moments in the history of Brno – from the first written note of the town in Kosmova Chronicle through medieval Brno – the seat of Moravian Margraves, the rivalry between Brno and Olomouc for the leadership in Moravia, the siege of the town by Swedes in 1645, and the development of craftsmanship and manufacturing in Brno in the 19th century when it would be called Manchester of the Central Europe until the formation of Greater Brno. All this is documented in archival records and in numerous museum collections. Displays include old weapons, historical watches, glass, porcelain, furniture, fashion accessories, vedute, guild antiquities and other exhibits.

Vstupenka platí na Okruh Muzeum, který zahrnuje sedm stálých expozic: Od hradu k pevnosti, Žalář národů, Brno na Špilberku, O nové Brno, Rakouská Morava, Moderna, Od moderny po současnost.